The Quilt Company

Book Cover: The Quilt Company
Part of the The Briarwood Series series:

A big loss could tear a family apart, but does a big dream have the power to reunite them?

Deanna Westford may have lost her husband, but she’s determined not to lose her big dream along with him. A quilter with a flair for design, Deanna will do whatever it takes to transform her passion for quilting into a thriving business. She finds the perfect studio-condo location in a renovated factory building repurposed for businesses just like hers. Even better, she knows and trusts the builder, Paul Silverman. Paul is acquainted with loss himself, but that doesn’t stop him from becoming a generous friend and confidant for Deanna.

With three children in their twenties and on their own, Deanna assumes she can organize her life to please herself. She happily embraces the long hours it will take to establish her business. along with newfound friendships. But her best-laid plans don’t leave room for her kids’ complicated crises, which bring extra demands just when her company needs her the most.

Deanna—and her children—soon discover that disasters sometimes offer great opportunities. Deanna must waste no time deciding what she’s willing to risk.

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