The Quilt House

Can she find her way home after so many years and so much heartache?

It’s taken two and a half decades for LindaJane “LJ” Hamilton to come to terms with her parents’ betrayal—banishing their pregnant, seventeen-year-old daughter from their home in Briarwood, Wisconsin. Now LJ’s daughter is asking her to return to Briarwood to help her sew a wedding guilt…alongside the woman who rejected LJ when she needed her most.

LJ will do anything for her daughter, including spending the summer in her childhood home. As the three generations of Hamilton women come together, secrets are revealed, beliefs are challenged, and relationships redefined. In order to embrace a future filled with life and love, LJ must let go of the past. Can she find what she needs to heal old hurts in a place filled with bittersweet memories and broken promises?

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