The Quilt Garden

Change is her only option…

After decades in an emotionally abusive marriage, Tina Montgomery has finally found the courage to break free. For solace and security, she returns home to the small town of Briarwood, Wisconsin, but struggles to redefine herself, her career, and her place in the world. Within weeks, Tina faces a second loss.

After the death of their father, Tina and her older sister, Helen, are forced to take over management of their legacy, the business their father built from the ground up. If they fail, they’ll lose everything their father worked for.

Tina's passion has always been quilting—teaching, creating, and designing—but her brand and skills have become sadly outdated and now she’s lost the respect of her peers in the quilting world. When an opportunity opens up at the quilt shop in town, Tina is at a crossroads, torn between working with Helen in the family business or following her true calling as a quilter and teacher.

Then there’s John Delaney, her childhood friend and secret crush. He’s back in Briarwood after years on the road as an internationally renowned photographer. Whether John’s home to stay or on the road again tomorrow, Tina has an opening to learn the truth about his feelings—and if the door is open for a second chance at love.

Tina finally has an opportunity to decide what kind of life she wants, but it will only happen if she has the courage and resilience to change.

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