Will helping a friend bring Millie Ferguson love, along with a new life on Wolf Creek Square?

Still mourning the death of her husband and son, Millie Ferguson says yes to Richard Connor’s request that she temporarily manage the bookstore on Wolf Creek Square. Richard, an old friend, asks for the favor because his daughter-in-law is struggling to run the book and toy shop through her high-risk pregnancy, but it has become obvious she can’t keep up the pace.

Grabbing the chance for welcome change, Millie agrees to leave her Minnesota home and head to the Square. The once prosperous bookshop has fallen into disarray, but Millie loves a challenge. Within weeks, she’s presented with an opportunity to buy the shop and put her mark on the community of popular shops. Millie’s granddaughter, Skylar, has a few dreams of her own, including a desire to own her own toy store in one of the few available buildings on the Square.

As much as Millie enjoys establishing BookMarks, she’s not sure she fits in among the tight-knit group owners, and she also questions some of Richard’s assumptions about their relationship. But as the seasons turn on the Square, change is always in the air and sometimes new feelings bloom and grow. Maybe even for Richard and Millie…

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