Country Law

Six years ago, a secret tore Georgia Winters’ family apart—now she wants to reunite them, but that means letting the truth come out...

Downsizing costs Georgia her job as a paralegal, but her beloved uncle invites her back to Wolf Creek to work in his one-man legal firm. Feeling ready to face the past, Georgia is optimistic about mending fences with her family, once she owns up to her part in the troubles.

Georgia’s plan doesn’t include romance or running into her high school sweetheart minutes after arriving in town. And she never expected to hear Elliot’s smooth voice once again calling her “Peaches.”

Wolf Creek isn’t the same town she’d left behind, but she’s drawn to the tight-knit community of shop owners on the Square, including Elliot and her childhood friend, Sarah. With two new lawyers at Country Law, Georgia confronts new challenges and encounters a few surprises every day, too. She soon understands that telling the truth about the past means many lives will change, and she risks losing a few cherished relationships in her newly created life.

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