Rainbow Gardens

When Clayton Sommers comes to town, will Megan Reynolds’ desire to leave Wolf Creek waver?

Megan Reynolds has spent years establishing her flower shop, Rainbow Gardens, as a vital part of Wolf Creek Square. But now she’s restless. After secretly entering national floral-design contests, Megan has—at last—been chosen as a finalist. If she wins, she’ll be on the road several months in the coming year. But that also means closing Rainbow Gardens. With her dream of leaving Wolf Creek within her reach, Megan now wavers. What does she really want?

Clayton Sommers is in town to interview Megan for the contest, but he’s also a man on the run. His stepfather’s financial fraud conviction has destroyed Clayton’s life as a rising artist in New York and has him dodging the tabloids. He’s searching for a new life…and Wolf Creek has what no other town offers…Megan Reynolds.

Seeing Wolf Creek Square through Clayton’s eyes leads Megan to consider withdrawing from the contest and staying in a town where her roots run deep. But when Clayton suddenly disappears, will Megan be forced to accept that committing to Wolf Creek means a life without him?

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