Town Hall

How can Sarah and Cameron be so alike, and yet, so different?

Sarah Hutchinson is at a crossroads in her life. She had a vision to revitalize the historic buildings on Wolf Creek Square, and she’s brought it to completion. What now? Managing the Square day-to-day isn’t the challenge it used to be, but maybe her dream of becoming one of the shopkeepers in the last unoccupied storefront could turn into a new goal.

Cameron Hutch, owner of Hutch Hotels, comes to town to build an addition on the Inn-on-the-Square, bringing another of Sarah’s visions to fruition. She never expected to be so attracted to Cameron, who isn’t shy about his attraction to her. It’s exciting, but unsettling, too.

Sarah’s roots run deep in Wolf Creek, but Cameron is used to traveling from one town or city to another building hotels. Can these two find their way to a future together?

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